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In Ray Oldenburg’s book ‘The Great Good Place’ it is suggested that for a healthy existence, people must live in a balance of three realms: home life, the workplace, and the inclusively sociable places. The third realm which he termed ‘the third place‘

The 4th Place in our case is something we at the company have come up with to describe a mental space where your current physical location can take you. It’s more of an experience: the smells, tastes, colors, sounds and feelings that you experience in a place and how they affect your state of mind.

We are about creating an experience in whatever we design. Be it a piece of furniture, graphics, interior or exterior spaces.

The 4th Place is an interior architecture and design company that specializes in interior projects from concept to execution. We are our client’s keeper. We understand our client’s needs and create spaces that help define them to the world.

We are professional problem solvers bringing world class interior design practices to Lagos and neighboring cities. Creating cutting-edge spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and enduring. Our style is influenced by neoclassical, traditional American and European art and architecture: while staying true to a contemporary style of design.

Human relation within a space has a direct impact on our well being, so we intend to make it the best it can possibly be.

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